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Rakan Alireza, Managing Director of Arabian Chemical Terminals Ltd and Deputy Managing Director of Reza Investment Company Ltd. said: “We’re excited to be spearheading the development of our first commercial tank farm in the UAE, here in Abu Dhabi, as we previously pioneered in KSA.

“Located between Abu Dhabi, Ruwais, and Dubai industries, the new liquid terminal will not only prosper as a result of its strategic location, but will be further bolstered by Khalifa Port’s multi-modal connectivity with access to the sea and UAE’s extensive road and future GCC railway network.

‘In addition to supporting our overseas expansion strategy, the project will also provide the foundation for other potential terminal activities within the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

” Beyond the development of the bulk liquid terminal, ACT is exploring different opportunities to expand its service offering at Khalifa Port and its surrounding environment. This expansion includes the facilitation of fuel bunker services for port customers, drumming and ISO filling services, the development of an independent laboratory, realisation of MARPOL slops reception facilities, ADR qualified trucking and distribution services, as well as offering stevedoring services that will support other liquid product custody transfers.

Our values

The ACT values are the foundation of our approach to business. It’s vital that our employees, contractors and joint venture partners understand and share these values. Care for Safety, Health & Environment; Integrity; Team Spirit; Commitment; Agility.

Care for Safety, Health & Environment


Team Spirit



What ACT does

Arabian Chemical Terminals Ltd. (ACT) was established in 1985 by three Saudi family owned company.

Arab Sea, the region’s petrochemical hub. The tanks are leased to several third parties and allows for export and import with distribution of liquid chemicals and minerals to the market in bulk form. Domestic distributions are managed with road-tankers, ISOs, IBCs and drumming.

Handle large marine tankers and smaller feeder barges

Break-bulk large parcels into flexi-bags, drums and IBCs

Storage and buffering of liquid products in tanks and pipelines

Intermodal transport and transfer docks with ISOs tanks to connect deep-sea container liners

Road transport with road-tankers to distribute products and connect industrial users with their plants

Decarbonize logistics and emission free supply chains with innovative product transfer equipment and environmentally sustainable operations.

Handling of liquid bulk products
Additives and doze injections to improve grades
Blending and mixing products to client’s specifications
Nitrogen or reprocessing treatment to preserve products
Temperature control of sensitive products
Loading and unloading of liquid product bulk vessels
Vegetable oils and oleochems
Liquid Gasses
Hydrocarbons and fuels
Hydrogen Ammonia
Petrochemicals and downstream products
Specialty and niche chemicals

What ACT offers

ACT recognizes the below types of chemical terminal users

Hub activities to aggregate GCC Produced products to further distribute towards E/W
Industrial activities to link production facilities in industrial zones through either pipeline or road haulage
Trading activities to support the import or export of products for domestic UAE clients or global traders
Strategic storage for defense purposes
Fuel supply activities for ships calling Khalifa Port and wider region

Liquid Tank
Terminal Khalifa Port
Abu Dhabi




Number of jetties


Number of tanks


Berth depth (m)

Facilities Specification

First Phase

Capacity 100,000 cbm
Plot 50,000 sq. meters
Tanks 40
Tank types Mild steel, stainless steel, temperature controlled
Tank size 2500 cbm
Access Truck, vessel
Berth depth 16 meter
Products All liquid bulk
Services Product blending, heating, chilling nitrogen blanketing
Logistics Breakbulk drumming, distribution with haulers, IBC or ISO filling
Terminal Import and export of liquid products

Second Phase

Construction upon market demand

Plot Additional 150,000 sq. meters
Tank types All types possible
Tank size Any sizing possible
Access Truck, vessel, pipeline to KIZAD, rail
Products Any liquid or gaseous bulk
Services Integral industrial import or export solutions

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